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Our Program

How does your Park and Sell program work?

You bring the vehicle you are selling to our lot and rent a display space to expose your vehicle to the buying public. Our fee covers a 4-week period of time, and we advertise for you and list your vehicle, with picture, on our web site.

What about showing my vehicle to a potential buyer?

By providing us with a set of keys, we can open the vehicle and start it up for an interested buyer. We can also facilitate test drives if you choose that option. In that case, we require the potential buyer be over the age of 21, show a valid drivers license and proof of insurance. One of our lot staff will accompany the driver.

Is Oasis Park & Sell a dealership?

No, we do not negotiate your sale and we do not charge you a commission when it sells.

What makes the difference between selling and not selling my vehicle?

The right price is of prime importance. We can help you value your vehicle with NADA or Kelley Blue Book appraisals.

  • Appearance and condition: Is your vehicle clean and mechanically sound?
  • High mileage: Price and mechanical soundness are especially important if you vehicle has high mileage.
  • Type of vehicle: Certain vehicles are more marketable and in higher demand; some are more seasonal; others have fewer interested buyers (such as luxury vehicles or sports cars).

With our experience, we can help you determine how best to present your vehicle.

Expect fewer calls than is typical from a newspaper ad. There are three reasons for this:
  1. Potential buyers have physically seen your vehicle.
  2. An Information Sheet is placed on a window of your vehicle containing information you have provided about the vehicle.
  3. If you have left your keys, a prospect may have already inspected the interior and possibly to engine of your vehicle.

Your callers, therefore, will be those who are serious buyers, rather than simply calling to obtain information. In fact, if you receive numerous phone calls . . . more than what is typical . . . and still do not sell, it may indicate some unusual circumstance. If you need help pinpointing the problem, we are happy to help.

How do I prepare my vehicle for sale?

The more attention you pay to the interior and exterior appearance of your vehicle, the better your chances of selling your vehicle quickly and for the price you expect. Anticipate a potential buyer will:

  • Check for fluid levels and leaks
  • Check the vehicle body and tires
  • Check the suspension
  • Check the interior

Have available any service and repair bills or the warranty booklet for inspection. During a test drive, expect the buyer may check:

  • Ease of starting
  • For a comfortable ride
  • The steering
  • The engine
  • The transmission
  • The brakes
  • The exhaust
Who insures my vehicle while it is on your lot for sale?

As the owner of the vehicle, you must continue to insure it. We require, at a minimum, that you carry the limits mandated by state law. It is no different than if you were selling the vehicle out of your own driveway . . . you will want to insure for liability and damage risk. Our lot provides security for your vehicle, but it does not eliminate the need for insurance.

When can I cancel my insurance on the vehicle?

Once you have a Bill of Sale in hand and have turned over the keys, the vehicle's insurance becomes the responsibility of the new owner. We can show you how to handle the Bill of Sale and title transfer correctly.

What kind of security can I expect while my vehicle is on your lot?

Security precautions include locked fencing, lights, and random security inspections.

If I see a vehicle I like, where do I obtain the information I need?

At the lot, you can obtain detailed information from the window sticker on the vehicle. It also provides contact information for the owner. Vehicle picture and information is also shown on the lot's web site.

How can I see the interior and start the vehicle?

We can help you with that. Our lot staff can open the vehicle to show you its interior and allow you to listen to it run.

What about test driving?

We can facilitate test driving a vehicle. You must be over the age of 21, show a valid drivers license and proof of insurance. One of our lot staff will accompany you. You and the owner may prefer that the owner accompany you on a test drive, so you are then able to discuss the vehicle directly with the owner.

How do I negotiate the purchase?

You negotiate your purchase directly with the owner. We are available to show you how to handle the Bill of Sale and title transfer correctly.

Can I have the vehicle mechanically checked out?

Yes, you would make those arrangements with the vehicle owner. Check with our lot staff as they may have referrals for you.

How can I determine if the price of the vehicle is reasonable?

We can help you obtain either an NADA or Kelley Blue Book valuation of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Having that as a base, you are better able to determine if there are reasons the vehicle is worth more or less.